Full Scope Workshop - Public Arts Education

Upcoming Event - Full Scope Workshop


Event Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 9AM - 4PM

Full Scope Workshop for the month of September will be reserved for one-on-one meetings with a public art staff. There will be 8 time slots of 30-minute meetings. Artists can request to speak with a public art staff about any of the following topics: document reviews, past Full Scope workshops, past submissions, future submissions, public art calls, or in-town artist resources. Artists are encouraged to set an appointment by emailing CCPublicArt@ClarkCountyNV.gov with the subject: Full Scope September 1-on-1


Full Scope Workshop Survey

The Clark County Public Art Office would like to ask for your participation in our survey. We would like to make some changes to the program in order to accommodate our viewers. Please click the link below for the survey and email to CCPublicArt@ClarkCountyNV.gov
Thank you for your time and support!

Full Scope Workshop Survey (PDF)


Full Scope Resource Page

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