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R C Airfield

R C Airfield

William Bennett Radio Controlled Airfield
6800 E. Russell, Las Vegas, NV 89112
(702) 455-8200, prsunsetfrontdesk@clarkcountynv.gov

The airfield has a 100’ by 700’ east/west runway with pit areas for competition and two large shade shelters for spectators.  The Bennett Field – located in the eastern edge of the Las Vegas valley just north of the Sam Boyd Stadium - is open to any flyer with a valid AMA open flight card.  Visitors are welcome to come and watch the clubs fly anytime. Bleacher seating provides a view of the entire event area.  For more information about the Bennett Airfield call (702) 455-8200 or email prsunsetfrontdesk@clarkcountynv.gov.

For more information about the clubs that use the facility please visit the following websites:

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