Wetlands Walkers

Wetlands Walkers

"A walk in nature is better than a treadmill any day of the week!"

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Wetlands Walkers is a self-guided program to help you reach your fitness goals while walking in the beauty and serenity of nature. Participants walk the trails in the Park, track mileage and earn rewards at milestones. Walk the trails with friends, family, or on your own. Each year, the program focuses on a different migratory species that migrates through the park. The goal of the program is for all participants to collectively walk the distance that the focus species migrates each year. Can you help us reach the goal? 

Good walking shoes, hat, and water are a must. Camera and binoculars are a plus, because you never know what you might see in the Park!

2022: Year of the peregrine falcon!


The peregrine falcon is a powerful fast flying bird of prey often spotted on high perches along shorelines, waiting for the right time to make their move. When hunting, they perform an aerial dive from high above, called a stoop, reaching speeds over 200 mph as it drops towards its prey.

The word “peregrine” means “wonderer”, so it’s no wonder that they occur all over the world. They have one of the longest migration of any North American bird. The peregrine can travel 3,400 miles in the fall and 3,400 miles in the spring, making this year’s goal 6,800 miles total!

Wetlands Walkers Milestone Rewards

Fifth (5th) Visit: Wetlands Walker 2022 Button
50 miles: Wetlands Park Living Wetlands Bandana
100 miles: Wetlands Park Water Sling (Walking Enthusiast)
200 miles: Wetlands Walkers Baseball Cap/Hat

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