Public Administrator

As Clark County Public Administrator, Robert Telles is an elected Officer entrusted to oversee the administration of the estates of persons deceased in Clark County who have no qualified person willing or able to administer. Mr. Telles was elected as Public Administrator and assumed the duties of this office on January 7, 2019.

NRS 253.0405 Circumstances under which public administrator may secure property of deceased.  Before the issuance of the letters of administration for an estate, before filing an affidavit to administer an estate pursuant to NRS 253.0403 or before petitioning to have an estate set aside pursuant to NRS 253.0425, the public administrator may secure the property of a deceased person if the administrator finds that:     

1.  There are no relatives of the deceased who are able to protect the property; or
2.  Failure to do so could endanger the property. (Added to NRS by 1983, 1597; A 1991, 197; 1999, 9182009, 2269)

In accordance with state law, the Public Administrator may ensure that the property of a decedent is safeguarded when the Coroner or law enforcement requests the assistance of the Public Administrator’s Office when they respond to a death and are unable to immediately locate a family member or when one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • There are no known heirs.
  • An executor has not been appointed.
  • The named executor of a Last Will and Testament fails to act.  
  • The Last Will and Testament names the Public Administrator as executor. 
  • An heir or heirs requests or petitions to have the Public Administrator appointed as the administrator of the estate. 
  • The Public Administrator determines property of the estate, or property deemed to have value to the estate, is being neglected, wasted, lost, inappropriately transferred, etc.

Payment of Estate Funds for Funeral/Burial Expenses

When acting as Administrator of the Estate, the Public Administrator may pay funeral and burial expenses from available estate funds, within the ability of the estate to pay, and in accordance with the decedent’s wishes or as provided through Clark County Social Service.  If estate funds are insufficient, a referral can be submitted to the Clark County Social Services Department for their review to determine if the decedent's situation meets eligibility guidelines.

Selling of Property

If the estate has sufficient cash or liquid assets available to pay administrative, legal, and accounting fees and expenses, as well as taxes and creditor claims, the Public Administrator does not ordinarily sell estate assets, such as real property, securities, or jewelry, without the agreement of the heirs.  In situations where estate assets are sold, they are generally liquidated at public auction, unless otherwise provided by NRS 148.


The Public Administrator's Office will review Referrals received from Health Care Facilities, Attorneys, Family Members, other Agencies, Executors who are unable to act, etc.  If you are interested in submitting a referral for consideration, please select the links as follows:

Fax numbers are displayed on each form for your convenience or you may submit the referral via email.

Useful Tools and Resources

The Clark County Public Administrator's Office is prohibited by state law from providing legal advice; however, the following resources may provide you with assistance as you seek the legal and estate planning advice you may need. 

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The State of Nevada's Elder Protective Services (EPS) is available if you are a Senior Citizen or know a senior citizen who is in any type of danger arising from unfavorable conditions or at risk of exploitation that may lead to the unwilling transfer of assets or manipulation and coercion to create or modify a will or a trust, please link to the State of Nevada's Aging and Disability Services Division of Elder Protective Services (EPS) to learn more about the beneficial services available or to make contact with that agency, or call (702) 486-6930. If you are calling from some place other than Las Vegas please, call 1-888-729-0571. 

In the event of an emergency, be sure family and close friends know your wishes and have access to information needed to take care of you, your property, and your affairs. Posting an emergency contacts list in a location where emergency responders will easily find it is one step you can take. Providing your family members and trusted friends with a copy is another step.

Nevada County Administrators

If the decedent was a resident of one of the other counties in Nevada, please refer to the List of Public Administrators provided by the Washoe County Public Administrator's Office.