Public Communications FAQ

Who should I contact to request closed captioning unofficial transcripts of a meeting?
Call the Public Communication’s Office at (702) 455-3546. Official records of County Commission and related meetings may be obtained from the Commission Division of the County Clerk's Office at (702) 455-4431.
How can I purchase a DVD of a Planning Commission meeting?
Call the Department of Comprehensive Planning at (702) 455-4314.
What does "unincorporated County" mean?
Clark County residents living within the boundaries of one of the five cities in the County receive their municipal government services (such as fire protection, parks, public works, building inspections, etc.) through their city government. The nearly 900,000 residents who do not live within a city live in the unincorporated County and receive their municipal government services from the County government. Many of the most well-known places in Southern Nevada are in the unincorporated County, including the Las Vegas Strip, the Las Vegas Convention Center, McCarran International Airport and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The County also provides regional services to all County residents, such as the airport, University Medical Center (UMC) and social services.