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Darin Imlay, Esq. Darin Imlay Public Defender

Clark County Public Defender

Darin Imlay was appointed the Public Defender effective 1/14/19. Darin graduated from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. He currently serves on the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, the Indigent Defense Commission, and the Rules of Criminal Procedure Committee. Darin has also served as a commissioner on the Governor's Juvenile Justice Oversight Commission, and a voting member of the Juvenile Justice-School Partnership Committee.

The Public Defender's Office currently has a staff of over 200, which includes attorneys, investigators, social workers, and staff, which makes the Public Defender's Office one of the largest law firms in the state of Nevada. The office is organized into teams. An attorney is appointed immediately after the initial arraignment and represents the client to the conclusion of the case in Justice or District Court.

The office has specialized teams dedicated to juvenile court, homicide cases, sexual assault cases and appeals. In addition, the office has a dedicated training officer who has developed an extensive training program for new attorneys and provides continued legal education for experienced staff. The office also has a nationally recognized litigation support department.