Becoming a Guardian
The Public Guardian Office offers support, training and services if potential individual has family members or friends willing and able to perform the duties of guardianship.

Guardian Qualifications:
  • Any person the court finds suitable to serve as guardian.
  • Must be competent.

A Person Who Is Not Suitable Is:
  • A minor
  • A felon convicted of certain crimes involving abuse or neglect or financial crimes.
  • A person judicially determined to have committed abuse, neglect or exploitation of another person.
  • A person suspected of misconduct or disbarred/suspended from the practice of law (during the period of suspension or disbarment only).

Guardian Appointment Preferences:
  • The court will consider a written request or preference executed by the individual prior to his or her becoming incompetent.
  • Nomination of a guardian in a Will or other written document executed by the proposed individual, a spouse or parent of a minor.
  • Any request or appointment as guardian for a minor 14 years of age or older made by the minor.
  • The relationship by blood or marriage of the proposed guardian to the proposed individual.

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