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An individual is able to request the Public Guardian serve on a case per NRS. 253.200. If the interest is for the Public Guardian to become the guardian, then a copy of a Petition and Acknowledgement of Public Guardian would need to be served on the office. Upon receipt of notice, the Public Guardian or representative will accept notice and attend the court hearing. If the court determines that a guardianship is required and that there is no one else suitable to serve then the Public Guardian will be appointed.

The majority of the individuals served by the Public Guardian have no financial resources other than Medicaid and/or County assistance. In Clark County about 25 percent of the guardianship cases the office is guardian for involve individuals who come to the attention of authorities because of financial exploitation and/or physical abuse.

The Clark County Public Guardian's Office receives referrals regarding residents in the community who may need representative payee services. 

Clients referred to the representative payee program are individuals identified as having difficulty managing their finances due to mental illness, exploitation, or addictions.

Note: You may be requested to provide an original signature for forms submitted on-line

Representative Payee Form

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