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Application Pre-Review (APR)

Application Pre-Review (APR)

Application Pre-Review (APR) - Map Team Response

Comprehensive Planning submittals for a Tentative Map (TM) and/or Vacation and Abandonment (VS) will require an Application Pre-Review (APR) by the Map Team. These submittals will require a response from the Map Team before final acceptance by Comprehensive Planning can occur. Map Team will respond with either comments/corrections to submittal documents or an approval for the APR to proceed with Comprehensive Planning. APR e-mails are processed in the order they are received. 

Please visit Comprehensive Planning’s website for information on creating an APR or to schedule an appointment with a Planner. Please contact Comprehensive Planning at 702-455-4314 or zoning@clarkcountynv.gov for any additional information.

Map Team APR Process

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