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500 S Grand Central Pkwy
Government Center - 1st Floor
Las Vegas NV 89155

Division  Telephone: (702)-455-4600

Antonio Papazian Manager 455-4898
Vacant Assistant Manager    

Administration and Processing

Kelly Petras Office Services Supervisor         455-4780                           
Sarah Mabry-Padovese Engineering Technician 455-4607 
JoAnn Amicarelli Office Specialist 455-4600

Brianna Couillard Office Specialist 455-4600

Arody Ahedo-Leana Office Specialist 455-4600

Land Use Review and Bureau of Land Management Group – reviews land use applications and plans to determine requirements and conditions for development.

Jason Allswang Senior Plan Checker 455-4631

JaWaan Dodson Plan Checker 455-6387


Off-Site Review Group - reviews the plans for drainage study and traffic study requirements and for conformance to adopted design standards and issues right-of-way permits.  

Gabe Herrera Principal Engineer 455-2453
George Wallace Associate Engineer 455-5022
Lorena Sherman Associate Engineer 455-1786
Maria Lucero Associate Engineer 455-4608
Benjamin Funk Plan Checker 455-4636

Martin Bassick Plan Checker 455-4634

Sam Andales Plan Checker 455-6096
Ruth Villatoro Plan Checker 455-4383

Drainage Review Group
 - reviews drainage studies, grading plans, and building permits for conformance to code requirements and drainage regulations.  Coordinates with Clark County Regional Flood Control District on flood plain issues.

Layne Weber Principal Engineer 455-4856
Wade Gerstenkorn Associate Engineer 455-4899
Crissy Riland Senior Engineer 455-3254
Brian Churchill Senior Engineer 455-4618
Patrick Robinson Senior Engineer  455-4630 

Ernie Corn Senior Engineer 455-6399
Jorge Orozco Plan Checker 455-6384

Traffic Review Group
 - reviews development traffic studies and traffic plans to determine and mitigate the impact of development traffic on public streets.  

Kent Chang Associate Engineer 455-6116

On-site Grading Review

Debi Leigh Plan Checker 455-6079

County Surveyor Mapping Team
 - through the Surveyor's Office reviews deeds and maps for conformance to commission and code requirements.  Their main phone number 455-2100

Steve Williams Deputy Surveyor 455-2111
Tina Garrison-Bermudez Assistant Manager 455-5012
Melody Ramondo Plan Checker 455-6156             
Alton Tai Plan Checker 455-2025

Marc Faircloth Plan Checker 455-6165

Justin Roswell Plan Checker 455-6198
Desiree Howard Planning Technician 455-6159

Bonding and Construction Management Inspections
Bonding and Construction Management Inspections

Inspection Scheduling 455-4610
Bonding 455-2759