Encroachment Permits

Encroachment Permits

Per Clark County Code, an encroachment permit shall be issued for the purposes of minor construction, modification or maintenance of existing improvements, the installation of new utility facilities, or any other minor encroachment approved by the Director of Public Works.

Prior to submittal of Encroachment Permit application please review Submittal Guidelines and Policies:

Encroachment Permit Application Requirements
Encroachment Permit Authorization Form
Encroachment Permit Checklist
Memo to Contractors and Traffic Control Companies 2007
Discontinuance of SWPPP Permit Requirement
Sewer Lateral Repair Requirements
Franchise Utility Abandonment
Utility Agency Abandonment
Government Center Friday Closure
Las Vegas Blvd Improvement I-215 to Sahara Ave Communication & Power Exhibit
Clark County Maintained Sidewalk in NDOT Right of Way

Encroachment Permit Application
Encroachment Permit Application Form

Existing Clark County Underground Infrastructure Verification Requirements
Memo for Storm Drain Verification
**Update 4/7/2021** Additional information has been provided to assist with verifications.
A storm drain and drain data layer has been added the Clark County GIS Hub site.
The site link is
In the search area on the hub site, type in "drain" to access the two layers.  This information can be downloaded as a shapefile, file geodatabase, KML, or spreadsheet.

Expedited Review
Be advised that Expedited Reviews are available on a case by case basis.  Should you need to expedite your review please contact Permitting/Traffic prior to submittal to receive formal acceptance of the request.  Acceptance notification to be included with submittal package.  Any and all fees are to be paid at the time of submittal.
Expedite Request Form

Permit must be picked up within 15 calendar days of notification. If the permit is not picked up within the allotted time, a new application package will be required and new permit review fees assessed.

The applicant is not currently in default on an existing permit. If an applicant is currently in default, the application will be denied until final resolution of the defaulted permit either by completing the work or in the event the county has already completed the work, reimbursing the county for costs incurred exceeding the deposits posted in accordance with Chapter 30.32. (If old permits cannot be resolved, new permits will be not be issued.)



Please direct all questions and comments related to this proposed change to

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