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Public Works

Public Works

Public Works Department

The Department of Public Works delivers a wide range of services to the community, including the design, construction, inspection, and maintenance of public infrastructure consisting of roadways, bridges, traffic control devices, flood control facilities, and trails, the Clark County Bruce Woodbury Beltway, curbs medians and sidewalks in the public rights-of-way including the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign and Las Vegas Boulevard south of Sahara Avenue. We are responsible for the proper stewardship of the revenues expended for these purposes, including a Capital Improvement Program of approximately $3 billion.

Construction Management Division
Capital Improvement Program
Construction Inspection
Developer Off-Site Construction Inspection
Construction Materials and Lab QAQC
Maintenance Contracts for Pedestrian Bridges, Graffiti Cleanup, and Landscaping
Newsrack Enforcement
Temporary Traffic Control Plan Approvals and Encroachment Permitting

Development Review Division
Review Developer Off-Site Submittals of
Improvement Plans
Technical Studies
Drainage Studies
Traffic Studies
Land Use Review

Design Engineering Division
Capital Improvement Program
215 Beltway
Roadway Improvements
 Residential Street Resurfacing
Flood Control Improvements
Pedestrian Bridges Improvements

Road Division
Maintenance of
Roadways & Shoulders (paved & gravel)
Sidewalks, Asphalt Paths, Trails, and
Flood Control Channel
Weed Removal
Snow Removal
Pest Abatement

County Surveyor Division
Map Review
Legal Descriptions
Benchmarks- Vertical Control
Mining Claims

Traffic Management Division
Traffic Signal Design
Traffic Studies
 Wireless Cell Sites
 Special Events
 School Crossing Guards
Operations & Maintenance of Signals Streetlights, Flashers, Signs, and Pavement Markings
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