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Benchmark Book

Benchmark Book

Clark County Surveyor's Benchmark Book
End-user understands and agrees to the following:

County Surveyor's Note:
The entire Las Vegas Valley, to some degree, has experienced vertical displacement and therefore should be considered vertically active.

Las Vegas Valley Area:
The Clark County Vertical Control v.2018 adjustment supersedes the 2003 Benchmark Book for the Las Vegas Valley Area.

Survey personnel from the Clark County Surveyor's Office established a primary vertical control network from recognized and common stable benchmarks, in bedrock, at the far reaches of the Las Vegas Valley (mountainous areas). Benchmark elevations published herein for the Las Vegas Valley are based on this framework.

Outlying Areas:
The Clark County Vertical Control v.2003 Benchmark Book published values are still in effect for areas outside of the Las Vegas Valley and are not a part of the v.2018 adjustment. The 2003 Benchmark Book supersedes the 1992 Benchmark Book. It has been noted within the 2003 Benchmark Book, at the time of the v.2003 adjustment, benchmarks within vertical control networks in outlying areas of Clark County did not appear to be under any significant influence due to subsidence.

General Notes:
1.) The benchmark networks were adjusted to elevations published by the National Geodetic Survey, NGS, for official United States Benchmarks. In several cases, however, certain federal Benchmark elevations could not be held fixed owing to conflicting data between (NGS) published values and observed values.

Therefore, although the v.2003 and the v.2018 adjustments incorporate official United States Benchmarks, the values published herein may, or may not agree with the elevations originally established by the NGS and other federal agencies.

2.) In order to help identify subsidence in localized areas and to reduce, or eliminate human and computer error, use of this data for any project, must include checking into multiple benchmarks within the same network adjustment. Any properly documented discrepancies between benchmark elevations as published herein, should be reported to the County Surveyor's Office as soon as possible. (benchmark@ClarkCountyNV.gov)

3.) Geodetic values are provided in an approximate location as an aid to locate and verify that the proper benchmark is being utilized. These geodetic values MUST NOT be used as a basis for any horizontal survey control purposes.

4.) Additions and periodic updates will be published via the Internet.

Typical Benchmark Plate Identification and Stamping
Typical BM plate ID and Stamping.pdf

Las Vegas Valley Area Clark County Vertical Control v.2018
Interactive Map
CC Vertical Control v.2018 EXCEL.xls
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