Crossing Guards

The Department of Public Works provides crossing guard services for students in unincorporated Clark County.  Nevada state law in regards to crossing guards explains the following:

NRS 484B.350  Stop required in obedience to direction or traffic-control signal of school crossing guard; penalty; additional penalty if driver is proximate cause of collision with pedestrian or person riding bicycle, electric bicycle or electric scooter.
1.  The driver of a vehicle:
(a) Shall stop in obedience to the direction or traffic-control signal of a school crossing guard; and
(b) Shall not proceed until the highway is clear of all persons, including, without limitation, the school crossing guard.
2.  A person who violates subsection 1 is guilty of a misdemeanor.
3.  If, while violating subsection 1, the driver of a motor vehicle is the proximate cause of a collision with a pedestrian or a person riding a bicycle, an electric bicycle or an electric scooter, the driver is subject to the additional penalty set forth in subsection 4 of NRS 484B.653.
4.  As used in this section, “school crossing guard” means a volunteer or paid employee of a local authority, local law enforcement agency or school district whose duties include assisting pupils to cross a highway.
(Added to NRS by 2003, 364; A 2011, 1635; 2019, 1890) — (Substituted in revision for NRS 484.356)

Clark County will only accept request for new crossing guard service through the CCSD Safe Route to School (SRTS) program. Please contact the SRTS coordinator (702) 799-6560 or to request new service using the form below to be filled out and signed by the school principal.

Clark County Crossing Guard Request Form

The Department of Public Works maintains an inventory of school-related traffic control devices within a two-mile walking radius of elementary and middle schools located within unincorporated Clark County jurisdiction including crossing guard locations.

Interactive Suggested Routes to School Map

The 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) contains national standards for the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices and is published by the Federal Highway Administration under the Code of Federal Regulation. Some MUTCD statements are considered mandatory, while others are recommended practices, permissive practices, or simply statements of support. Part 7 of the MUTCD addresses Traffic Controls for School Areas (See Other Helpful Resources below).

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