Permits are required for various activities within the public right-of-way of unincorporated Clark County. The Public Works Department is responsible for issuing the following permits:

  • Encroachment Permit
    An encroachment permit shall be issued for the purposes of minor construction, modification, or maintenance of existing improvements, the installation of new utility facilities, etc within public right-of-way.  

    • Traffic Control Plan Review

  • Off-Site Improvements Permits
    Off-site improvements such as streets, traffic control devices, curb, gutter, sidewalks, etc shall be completed by Developers at their own cost, and constructed in accordance with County standards and specifications.

  • Newsracks
    Per County Code Chapter 16.08, Newsracks in public right-of-way are regulated throughout unincorporated Clark County and permits are issued by a lottery process to Newsrack owners within the H-1 gaming overlay district in unincorporated Clark County.

  • Special Event and Film Permits
    Pursuant to Clark County Code - Chapter 16.06, a Clark County Public Works (CCPW) Special Event Permit is required to conduct your event when the activity impacts the normal flow of traffic of any public street or right-of-way within unincorporated Clark County.   Public right-of-way includes sidewalks, medians and trails. 
  • Wireless Site License Application
    Pursuant to Clark County Code Title 5.02, as of July 1, 2019 a Site License must be approved to install or modify a small cell site located within the public right-of-way. To apply for a site license, please review the instructions and submit a Wireless Site License Application form.

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