Vector Control

Clark County Vector Control abates bees, weeds and other pests as well as provides pest control for Clark County buildings and County right-of-way. The following information is provided as an overview of our services and current public health concerns in the County. For questions or to report pests in County-maintained areas please contact us. 

Helpful Fact Sheets on Mosquitoes:

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Controlling Mosquitoes with Mosquito Fish
Indoor Spraying factsheet
Mosquito Bite Prevention Tips
Mosquito Control - What We Do
Mosquito Life Cycle Chart


The Africanized honey bee (AHB) is well established in Las Vegas.  These hybrids of the common European honey bee are referred to in the news media almost exclusively as "killer bees" since a number of deaths in Mexico and Texas has been attributed to them. Contrary to the prevailing information about these bees, they are no more venomous than the common bee and are no greater in size. Visual identification of the AHB requires the trained eye of an expert.

What does readily distinguish the AHB is its behavior, most notably its excessive level of colony defense. The hybrids are more easily provoked into taking defensive measures; the sound of a lawnmower or the innocent approach of a homeowner can cause a defensive attack. And the defensive measures are more aggressive than those of the common bee: more bees will participate in an attack, they will inflict a greater number of stings, and they will pursue the perceived intruder for greater distances. Another behavioral characteristic of the AHB is its tendency to swarm more often than the common bee. Although bees in a swarm are considerably more docile than bees defending a hive, the bee swarm is highly visible and more likely to cause concern.

Stay Away from Honey Bee Colonies

This is good advice regardless of the type of bee. If you have a bee colony on your property, do not try to destroy it yourself. Call a pest control company. Clark County offices, buildings and fire stations are provided pest control services on a routine basis. Vector Control eliminates Africanized honey bees found on County property and advises residents on measures to help prevent and control AHB's on private property.

Black Flies

Nuisance black flies that breed in the Colorado River below Davis Dam (Laughlin area) are treated year-round in conjunction with the Bullhead City Pest Abatement District in Arizona.


Vector Control does weed abatement in flood channels and other Clark County rights-of-way for the purposes of property protection, safety, fire hazard reduction, and aesthetics. Noxious weeds are also controlled on County property.  

West Nile Virus

For information on mosquito control and the West Nile Virus, please contact the Southern Nevada Health District.

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