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The Clark County Clerk’s Office does not just provide marriage related services. While we are recognized as the Wedding Capital of the World, we also provide an important role in providing several business-related services as required by state law.

Fictitious Firm Name

It is required by state law that every person doing business in Nevada under an assumed or fictitious name (also known as doing-business-as) that is different from the legal name of each person who owns an interest in the business, must file a certificate with the County Clerk of each county in which the business is being conducted.


Notary Public Bond and Oath

If you are seeking to become (or renewing your status as) a Nevada Notary Public and reside in Clark County, or if you are a resident of an adjoining state and maintain a place of business or are employed in Clark County, you can file your bond, together with the oath, in our office.


Passport Acceptance

Passports are processed by the United States Department of State. Our office performs in-person application review and acceptance before forwarding your documents to the United States Department of State for processing. This service is limited and by appointment only.


Oaths of Office

Most Oaths of Office for elected officials, their deputies, and for members of various boards and commissions are maintained by the Clark County Recorder. However, because Nevada law does not specifically require all oaths to be recorded, a number of individuals have chosen to file their Oath of Office with our office.


Proof of Life

Pension funds, retirement accounts or banks located in countries outside the United States may require periodic verification that the beneficiary is alive in order to continue disbursement of benefits. Verification is done with a form known as a "Proof of Life." Forms are usually provided by the entity requesting this proof and are not provided by our office.


Lobbyist Registration

Every person who acts as a lobbyist before the Clark County Commission shall, not later than five days after the beginning of that activity, file a registration statement with our office. A person who engages in lobbying activity on a regular basis shall file an annual registration statement no later than January 10th of each calendar year.


Meetings & Agendas

As the ex-officio Clerk of several boards and committees, our office maintains official meeting records that include minutes and audio.


County Code

New County code and amendments to existing code are posted by our office until officially published (or codified) as part of Clark County Code in the Municode Library.


Court Services

A popular misconception is that the Clark County Clerk’s Office handles court matters. This is not the case, but our office has listed information on various court divisions and the services they provide to help assist you.