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How to Get Married in Las Vegas

How to Get Married in Las Vegas

Important Things to Know

  • You must be currently unmarried and at least 18 years of age
  • You must have government-issued identification with a photo displaying your current likeness (for example, a driver's license or passport)
  • Blood tests are not required
  • Once you get your license you can get married—there is no waiting period
  • The marriage license expires one year from the date it is issued
  • The ceremony must be performed in Nevada by an Officiant licensed in Nevada
  • Someone other than the Officiant must witness you saying your vows

Step 1: Apply for a Marriage License (license to get married)

  • Apply online (your application will stay in our system for one year)
  • Both parties must complete their own information, and names must match exactly as shown on the identification that will be presented when appearing in person
  • Be sure to check all spelling, as corrections to marriage documents may result in a fee
  • Once submitted, save your confirmation number and bring it with you

Step 2: Pick up your Marriage License

  • Together, go to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau
  • No appointment is necessary and it typically takes less than one hour
  • Provide the clerk your confirmation number or names and present your identification
  • Verify all of your information is correct before leaving
  • Pay the $102 fee (convenience fee extra if paid by credit/debit)

Step 3: Say, “I Do!”

  • If you haven't already, select a wedding chapel or wedding planner (civil marriage services are available through the Clerk's Office and must be booked online)
  • Bring all of your paperwork with you to the ceremony (marriage license, marriage certificate and keepsake)
  • State your vows in front of at least one witness (someone other than the Officiant)
  • The Officiant will file your marriage certificate within ten calendar days (if you need proof of marriage earlier, discuss options with your Officiant)

Step 4: Show the World that You are Married 

  • Once filed, your certified marriage certificate can be ordered online or purchased in person
  • Marriage certificates cost $20 for each certified copy
  • If needed, an Apostille can be obtained from the Nevada Secretary of State's Office (check with your government if you are unsure)

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