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Starting January 1, 2018, the Marriage License Bureau will begin issuing new versions of the Marriage License, Certificate and Keepsake documents to support the designation of new married names to comply with AB 204 that was passed in the 2017 Nevada legislative session.  Copies of the new forms can be obtained at the Marriage License Bureau in the Regional Justice Center, or at our office on the 1st floor of the County Government Center where certificates are filed.  For chapels and Officiants that have predefined printing templates, we are providing a spec sheet as part of the packet.  Below is a recap of the changes to these documents:

  • Marriage License – Birth Last Name, Middle Name After Marriage, Last Name After Marriage and Full Name After Marriage fields have been added for both Party 1 and 2.
  • Marriage Certificate:
    • The top part of the document has been reorganized to save space and consolidate all required information to be completed by the Officiant after the ceremony.
    • The middle of the document will contain the current name and new married name (if designated) for both Party 1 and 2.
    • A new line for Officiant ID Number has been added.  If the Officiant has his/her Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages and it has a number printed on it, then that is what should be used.  If not, Officiants can email or call our office to request their number.  Starting January 1, 2018, our office will begin issuing Officiant ID cards to all new Officiants.  Existing Officiants will be able to request an ID card (instructions will be published on our website).
  • Marriage Keepsake:
    • Has the same new structure as the certificate so that chapels and Officiants only needs one stamp (or printing template) to complete them both.
    • Now a standard size document (8.5"x11") with no printing on the back or a perforation.
    • Now titled "MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE KEEPSAKE" and contains the statement, "This is an uncertified copy of your certificate of marriage and cannot be used for legal purposes."

Roles and Responsibilities
The Marriage Officiant Legal Requirements and Instructions pertain to all Marriage Officiants (Ministers or Religious Officials, Notaries Public and Military Chaplains) in the performance of any marriage. It is important that the legal duties and instructions listed herein are followed carefully and in compliance with the laws of Nevada and the requirements set forth by the Clark County Clerk. Please read and understand the following instructions before performing any marriage. If you are unable to perform your duties as a Marriage Officiant, please contact our office.

As well, it is the responsibility of Marriage Officiants and their religious organizations to keep our office informed of any changes to their personal information or organizational status.

Additional Resources
In order to better serve couples seeking to obtain a marriage license, we have developed a QR code (website link) that Officiants can use on their website or literature to help direct them to MLIC.Vegas.  Through this site, our online pre-application can be completed and submitted prior to couples visiting one of our offices to help speed up the license issuance process; as well, the site provides for the ability to order certified marriage certificates (proof of marriage) and abstracts.

Related Sites
If you are or will be earning money conducting marriage ceremonies and/or services, you need to understand your business licensing requirements.  Below are links to the various state and local business licensing offices that will assist you in determining your legal requirements:

The Nevada Marriage Officiant Public Search through the Nevada Secretary of State's website allows the public to search by name, county, or (for religious officiants) by church affiliation for Officiants who have been granted a Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages in Nevada.