CCPA Administration of Estates

CCPA Administration of Estates

The Clark County Public Administrator (CCPA) is often required to administer estates of those who pass away as residents of Clark County. If family cannot be found after initial investigations, the CCPA must often begin the administration of an estate to secure funds to hire a professional heir search firm. In other instances, the CCPA is nominated by family or an executor who chooses not to perform the administration. The CCPA may also be appointed by the court in the event of disputes within an estates.

The probate process is often very complicated and time-consuming. The CCPA, like other court-appointed administrators, will typically hire an attorney to assist with the legal process. Depending on the value of the property of the deceased person, the estate administration may take months to years to complete.

The process involves the collection of all financial assets, the payment of any final taxes and debts, and the distribution of assets. This is all performed under the supervision of the courts. While the process can be lengthy for any administration, court supervision ensures that the estate is administered with transparency and the best interests of all involved parties taken into consideration.

If the CCPA is administering an estate and you are a verified heir or beneficiary, the CCPA welcomes your questions regarding the administration. If you believe you are the heir/beneficiary of an estate administered by the CCPA, please contact our office so we may further assist you.

Our goal is to provide the utmost transparency and service. As always, if you are concerned about your legal rights, please be sure to consult with an attorney. You may find more information here.

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