Info for Landlords

Info for Landlords

If a resident has passed away, and you have not yet heard from the Public Administrator, this may mean that no referral has been made to our office. Please utilize the below form to make a referral to our office. Please note, NRS 253.042(3) allows you to provide pertinent information that will assist us in investigating the referral that you would like to make. When you make a referral, this allows us to help your process. Please read below for answers to many questions.

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The Clark County Public Administrator (CCPA) understands the need for landlords to protect their property. There are certain ways that landlords can assist our office to return control of a landlord's rental property to the landlord.

When a resident of Clark County passes away, the Clark County Coroner and Medical Examiner (CCOCME) will often respond. If the CCOCME cannot immediately locate the appropriate party (executor of the last will or testament, or next of kin if no last will or testament), the matter will be referred to the CCPA to secure the property of the recently departed deceased person. When the referral is made, the CCOCME will place a seal on the residence of the deceased person. At the time of the referral, the sole authority to enter the residence is transferred to the CCPA.

Our office is charged with ensuring that all property of monetary, investigative and sentimental value is protected. Therefore, it is imperative that our office be the only entity allowed entry into the rental property. Our office is always concerned with ensuring that our investigation is conducted in a timely manner to ensure that the interests of all involved are best protected.

NOTE: Entry into a home secured by the CCOCME's seal by any party other than the CCPA is a crime that is chargeable as a misdemeanor offense. Further, that party may be subject to civil damages.

Biohazard Concerns
Unfortunately, there are times where a person's passing causes an odor that upsets others in an apartment community. We understand the need to resolve these concerns as soon as possible. Should a landlord wish to conduct a biohazard cleanup, an investigator team may be assigned to supervise the cleaning until an investigation is completed. Please contact our office to schedule a clean up or check status on the release of a rental home.

The CCPA welcomes your contact to address your concerns or questions.

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