Referrals to the Public Administrator

Referrals to the Public Administrator

Please see the bottom of this page for a request to medical professionals, hospice administrators, group home administrators and any others who deal with end of life matters.

Pursuant to NRS 253, the Public Administrator will protect assets of a deceased person when family cannot be found to take control of assets. Also, the Public Administrator may administer estates where family cannot or chooses not to perform the administration of a Clark County resident's estate.

While the Public Administrator uses all available resources to locate estates at risk of loss, there are estates for which the Public Administrator receives no notification. It is therefore recommended that anyone aware of of a death where no family is involved provide the Public Administrator a referral for the Public Administrator's review.

If the Public Administrator finds there is just cause for acceptance of the referral, the Public Administrator will confirm acceptance of the referral. Please note, a referral does not automatically gain acceptance. Nonetheless, all are encouraged to provide referrals for review.

Please click below to start an online referral. The process takes just a couple of minutes. It can be completed on any device with internet access.

Referral Button

If you work at an organization, we request that you post the below flyer in areas frequently accessed by staff, such as breakrooms or staff bulletin boards. With your assistance, we can protect more families.

Referral Request Flyer

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