Securing Property Before Court

In accordance with State law, the Public Administrator may act to secure the property of a decedent before appointed to administer the estate when, 1) the Coroner or Law Enforcement agency requests assistance at the scene of a death when they are unable to immediately locate a family member, or 2) when there is risk to the property.

NRS 253.0405 Circumstances under which public administrator may secure property of deceased.  
Before the issuance of the letters of administration for an estate, before filing an affidavit to administer an estate pursuant to NRS 253.0403 or before petitioning to have an estate set aside pursuant to NRS 253.0425, the public administrator may secure the property of a deceased person if the administrator finds that: 

1.  There are no relatives of the deceased who are able to protect the property; or
2.  Failure to do so could endanger the property. 

    (Added to NRS by 1983, 1597; A 1991, 197; 1999, 918; 2009, 2269)

Referral Forms can be submitted to the Public Administrator's Office by fax or email as noted on the top of the Referral Forms.  Referrals are reviewed, assets and debts evaluated, and a determination made whether action on the part of the Public Administrator's Office is warranted.  Please note that the Public Administrator's Office is not obligated to take action based solely upon receiving a referral.