Excess Proceeds Claim Instructions

Per NRS 361.610 (5), if a person who would have been entitled to receive reconveyance of the property pursuant to NRS 361.585 makes a claim in writing for the excess proceeds within 1 year after the deed is recorded, the county treasurer shall pay the claim or the proper portion of the claim over to the person if the county treasurer is satisfied that the person is entitled to it.

Documents Required To Claim Excess Proceeds

To receive excess proceeds from a Clark County Trustee Auction, the following documents must be received.
  1. A certified copy of the deed indicating the owner at the time of deeding to Trustee Clark County.
  2. A valid picture ID ( i.e.: driver's license)
  3. A copy of your social security card (if social security number is on your driver's license, it may be used.)
  4. 4. A completed and signed W-9 form.
  5. A notarized Release of Funds form from the Treasurer's Office.
    1. All vested owners must fill out an application.
    2. If the funds are being requested through a recovery agent a copy of the contract assigning a portion of the benefits to the recovery agent must accompany the application. The agreed upon percentage of the funds must be included in the contract.
    3. A copy of the partnership agreement to determine the powers and duties of partners. Claims must be made through the director of the corporation. The claimant must provide evidence that they are a director of the corporation (i.e. records filed with Nevada Secretary of State's office, minutes of meetings showing election of the directors). Note: If a partnership or corporation shows a revoked status with the Nevada Secretary of State's office they may not transact business. Pursuant to NRS 78.175 (4) all property and assets of a defaulting corporation must be held in trust by the directors of the corporation.
  6. A certified copy of your marriage certificate (if your name is different than the original vested deed)
  7. A certified copy of a death certificate for any deceased joint tenants on original deed. (If you are an heir, you must present a copy of the probate court order showing the property was given to you.)
Return the above information to the Treasurer's Office, Attention: Delinquent Tax Division. We must receive the original application(s) by mail or in person; in addition an electronic copy must be emailed to TRPTM@clarkcountynv.gov.