Mail/Absentee Ballot Voting

Login to Registered Voter Services and click Request a Mail/Absentee Ballot from the dropdown menu.

Each Calendar Year, a Request Is Required (With Certain Exceptions)
You will NOT automatically receive a mail ballot unless you request one EACH CALENDAR YEAR in writing.  The exception is if you specifically request a permanent mail/absentee ballot.

During an election, you may see your mail/absentee ballot status online. Login to Registered Voter Services and select "Track my Mail Ballot" from the dropdown menu.
Permanent Mail/Absentee Ballots
Any Clark County registered voter for any reason may now make a one-time request to receive a mail/absentee ballot for all future elections, per AB345 of the 2019 legislative session. After submittal of this request, you will no longer need to submit a mail/absentee ballot request on an annual basis, as was previsously required. This request will remain in effect as long as you keep your address current with the Election Department. Be aware that if you requested a permanent mail/absentee ballot and then surrender it to vote in person instead of using it to vote by mail, you will need to re-apply for a permanent mail/absentee ballot if you want to receive a mail/absentee ballot for future elections on a permanent basis.

Handwritten Signature Required
Nevada law requires your request to contain your HANDWRITTEN SIGNATURE. E-mail and telephone requests cannot be accepted. If you cannot sign your name because of a physical disability, call (702) 455-6552 for instructions.

Delivery to Voters
In Federal/State Elections, delivery of mail/absentee ballots BEGINS 20 days before Election Day for in-state voters and 40-45 days before Election Day for out-of-state voters.

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