Presidential Caucuses in Nevada

Presidential Caucuses in Nevada

Caucuses In Lieu of a Presidential Primary Election in Nevada
Pursuant to Nevada law, Nevada does not conduct Primary Elections to select Presidential candidates. Instead, major political parties hold caucuses. The political parties determine the dates of the caucuses and deadlines by which to be registered to attend. The Clark County Election Department is not involved in the conduct of caucuses. Also see the Nevada Secretary of State's web page on Presidential caucuses, that includes dates and contact information
What Is a Caucus?
Caucuses are private events that are directly run by the major political parties, not state or local governmental entities ( Caucuses are unique in that participants may openly show support for the candidate of their choice. Voting is often done by raising hands or breaking into groups according to the candidate participants support. However, a party may also decide to make the voting secret. The political party uses its caucus results to determine the delegates present at county, state, and national nominating conventions. In Nevada, only registered voters may participate in a caucus, and only in the caucus of the party with which they are affiliated in voter registration records ( Each major party conducts their own caucuses differently. Contact the Democratic or Republican party for details.

See the Nevada Secretary of State's web page for a "History of Nevada Presidential Preference Primary Elections and Caucuses."

See the Federal Government's web page for an Overview of the Presidential Election Process.
Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS)
The NRS sections below address political party caucuses. Click the bolded citation to directly go to the actual law.
NRS 293.133 Number of delegates from voting precincts to county convention.
NRS 293.135 Precinct meetings of registered voters before county convention: Time and place; notice.
NRS 293.137 Election of delegates to county convention; procedure if precinct fails to elect delegates; certificates given to elected delegates; party to adopt procedural rules.
NRS 293.140 County conventions: Manner of organization; authorized action of delegates.
NRS 293.150 State conventions: Place and actions; additional conventions.

More Information
The Clark County Election Department is not involved in the conduct of caucuses. For more information, contact either of the major political parties.

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