Clark County, City of Las Vegas, and RTC Seek Public Input on Maryland Parkway Corridor

LAS VEGAS – From mid-October through late December, Clark County, the City of Las Vegas and the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) will seek input from our community on preferred neighborhood development options at potential key transit stops along the proposed 8.7-mile Maryland Parkway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route.  

This study area, which is one of the most heavily travelled transit routes in the Las Vegas Valley, stretches from Russell Road and Maryland Parkway north to the downtown Bonneville Transit Center and then west to the Las Vegas Medical District.  The new transit route will connect to key activity centers, including McCarran International Airport, UNLV, the Boulevard Mall, Sunrise Hospital and other medical facilities, the Huntridge neighborhood, downtown Las Vegas, Valley Hospital, University Medical Center and the UNLV medical school. 

The Maryland Parkway transportation project is being developed as a Bus Rapid Transit route, with dedicated transit lanes and larger passenger stations, as well as bicycle and pedestrian facilities. BRT has the capability of providing higher passenger capacity with more frequent and reliable transportation service. With BRT moving into the design phase, local jurisdictions are evaluating what kinds of retail, housing and entertainment development (Transit Oriented Development) the community desires surrounding these key focus areas along the route. 

“When you look at some of our peer communities, such as Phoenix, Denver or Salt Lake City, the introduction of frequent and consistent high capacity transit has spurred significant urban development along the corridor,” said City of Las Vegas City Councilman Brian Knudsen. “This includes expanded retail, entertainment and dining options, as well as more diverse work environments, job opportunities and housing choices.” 

As part of the TOD study, a working group with representatives from private developers, community organizations, business owners and the project partner agencies have identified 7 distinct focus areas along the Maryland Parkway transit route that meet the criteria for enhanced development opportunities.  These include: 

  1. The Medical District at Wellness Drive and Shadow Lane
  2. The Bonneville Transit Center at Bonneville Avenue and Casino Center Boulevard
  3. Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway
  4. Sahara Avenue and Maryland Parkway
  5. Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway
  6. Flamingo Road and Maryland Parkway
  7. University Road and Maryland Parkway

The study’s project team has developed a series of on-line surveys, in English and Spanish, that independently address each central location along the corridor. Southern Nevada residents are being encouraged to complete any or all of the individual surveys that address neighborhoods they frequent or in which they are interested.  

“We are hoping to get significant feedback from residents, workers and visitors to these neighborhoods on what kind of development they think is appropriate or that would benefit their quality of life,” said Clark County Commissioner Jim Gibson. “The surveys are visually interactive and take only about 10 minutes to complete.” 

The Maryland Parkway neighborhood development surveys can be found at: