Fire Department Welcomes `Pandemic's Pride' Academy Recruits to Ranks

The Clark County Fire Department hosted a ceremony today at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center to celebrate the graduation of Fire Academy recruits who completed 18 weeks of training and are certified to help with the community’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

The graduating class adopted the name “Pandemic’s Pride” in reference to the impact COVID-19 has had on them since the start of their training in October 2020. COVID-19 testing, social distancing and other disease mitigation procedures were in place throughout the training as well as today’s ceremony with family members and Fire Department staff.  All members of the graduating class are certified to do vaccinations, a new component of the training they received, and are prepared to join the front lines of the community’s COVID-19 response efforts in addition to responding to fires, accidents and other emergencies. 

“Our fire academy training is rigorous under normal circumstances, but COVID-19 adds a whole new dimension in terms of the mitigation measures we put into place during classroom instruction and field training,” said Clark County Fire Chief John Steinbeck. “All of the graduates will be able to hit the ground running to support our community COVID-19 vaccination sites. They are well prepared to serve our community and they can be proud of their accomplishments.”

The Fire Department plans to host another Fire Academy/Rookie School later this year for firefighter and firefighter/paramedic candidates.  A job posting for firefighter/paramedics is listed on Clark County’s Human Resources Department website at: