Basketball Rims Reinstalled Today at Clark County Parks & Recreation Courts

The state of Nevada returned to full-contact sports this week, allowing Clark County staff to begin reinstalling rims at all of its outdoor basketball courts today.

Officials said work crews began at various parks early Tuesday morning, March 30, and are striving to have all of their approximately 100 courts set up for play by the end of the day Thursday.

Basketball falls under full-contact and close-contact sports defined by Section 2 of Nevada Governor Directive 039 and has been deemed reasonable to resume for practice and competitions. Teams planning to play are required by Nevada Directive 034 to develop and implement a Preparedness and Safety Plan as outlined in Section 11 of the Directive. 

Teams also must implement plans for continuous COVID-19 testing and mitigation. Through the state’s Nevada Health Response website, a full Nevada Guide for Adult & Youth Sports packet effective March 30, 2021, is available to help teams navigate the process.

In addition to basketball, full-contact and close-contact sports and activities include football, flag football, softball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, ice hockey, group cheer, group dance, wrestling, rugby, boxing, martial arts, pair figure skating, field hockey, fencing, rowing, kickball and water polo.

The approval for leagues and teams to return to full-contact sports does not include guidelines pertaining to professional sports leagues or college division level sports. Also the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA) has authority over when high school sports will resume and is responsible for setting guidelines for those competition games, consistent with Section 7 of Nevada Directives 028, 034 and 038. The latest information on sports activities in Nevada is listed in Directive 042.