Paradise Palms Street Sign Toppers Unveiled

The mid-century Paradise Palms neighborhood, once home to entertainers, celebrities and elite members of the business and gaming community, is the first Clark County neighborhood to have its street name signs topped off with separate signs denoting the neighborhood.

The sign toppers, which read “Paradise Palms Historic Neighborhood,” were paid for by neighbors. Clark County Public Works is providing the labor.

“This is a great way to honor the historic nature of the neighborhood,” said Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom, whose district includes this area west of Eastern Avenue and south of Desert Inn Road. “This neighborhood is the heart of District E and a true gem for the County. It has homes that you cannot find anywhere else in the state and these markers are a way to recognize how important they are to the history of Clark County”

“Paradise Palms has long been a community of firsts in Clark County,” said Dave Cornoyer, who advocated for the signs. “In 1960 Paradise Palms became the first master planned community in Clark County, the first historic neighborhood in Clark County, and now Paradise Palms will be the first neighborhood in Clark County to implement a sign topper program. The Paradise Palms sign toppers represent neighborhood placemaking, help strengthen community identity, and create awareness of the Historic Overlay that was adopted in 2017. The community expresses its sincerest appreciation to the private donors who funded the project, Commissioner Tick Segerblom, Clark County Public Works, and each member of the County staff who helped make this long-term dream a reality.”

The first sign was installed this morning. 26 more signs will be installed by mid-September.

“Paradise Palms began in 1960 by Paradise Development spearheaded by founders Irwin Molasky and Merv Adelson,” according to Wikipedia. “Groundbreaking was held March 21, 1960, with Molasky, Adelson, Clark County Commissioner Harley Harmon and financier Nathan Adelson present. Paradise Palms helped open up the Paradise Valley to development, bringing sewer, water, power and telephone down Maryland Parkway and Desert Inn Road. Touted as an $8 million project, Paradise Palms was originally slated for 300 homes, later expanded to 1,000 residences on 720 acres.”

Here is a video Clark County Television produced in 2017 about the historic designation provided to the Paradise Palms neighborhood:

            The map below depicts where the sign toppers will be placed. 

            Click to view full size map
Paradise Palms neighborhood


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