Sample Ballots Now in the Mail for the Presidential Preference Primary

Sample Ballots Now in the Mail for the Presidential Preference Primary

     Sample ballots are now being sent for the Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) happening in Nevada. This election will generally run like any other election here except early voting is seven days instead of 14 and voters can only cast a ballot if they are registered in the Democratic or Republican parties.

     The PPP is Tuesday, February 6 with early voting taking place for one week from Saturday, January 27 – Friday, February 2.

     “We look forward to conducting the Presidential Preference Primary for Clark County voters,” said Lorena Portillo, Clark County Registrar of Voters. “Voters are encouraged to check their registration information online and make any changes they need to make as soon as possible.” To check your registration status or to look up registration dates and deadlines, visit the Election Department website.

     The only candidates on Nevada’s PPP ballot are those who filed with the Nevada’s Secretary of State’s office to run for president in this election. If a candidate did not file with the Nevada SOS’s office to run in this election, then that candidate’s name cannot appear on the ballot. In addition, if a candidate on the ballot did not formally withdraw from the race before the withdrawal deadline (Oct. 25, 2023), their name remains on the ballot. These are requirements under Nevada law.

     Clark County has created several PSA’s about the new Presidential Preference Primary. You can find them in English, Spanish and Tagalog here:

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