PUMPKIN DASH: Ever think about putting wheels on your decorated pumpkins? Now you can, as we offer pumpkin races for prizes and bragging rights. Just follow the rules (attached), or risk your pumpkin being smashed!


REGISTRATION: Registration forms will be available online for the Monster Mash Pumpkin Dash event at the Clark County Parks & Recreation website (www.clarkcountynv.gov/parks) or on race day at the event location. All entrants must check-in on event day at the Information Table no later than one hour prior to your event start time


Safe Trick or Treating: We will be offering "FREE" safe trick or treating on site from 10a-2pm, from local community supports or local businesses, approved by Clark County Parks & Recreation. Local businesses interested in vending on site can download a vendor application (fees apply)



Pumpkin Derby Rules and Regulations  

These Official Pumpkin Race Rules have been established to promote fair play and inspire ingenious creativity. All contestants must design and race their Pumpkins according to these few important rules to ensure that this year's Pumpkin Derby is fun and fair for everyone:

RULE #1 - Craft your Pumpkin Racer using A SINGLE PUMPKIN. That is that. Do not cleverly glue two together and claim they are Conjoined Pumpkin Twins that should be allowed to race. Also round-ish objects painted to look like a pumpkin won't fool anybody. One or two of our judges are NO FOOLS! Silly Goose.

RULE #2 - Every entry must have TWO INDEPENDENT AXLES inserted THROUGH the pumpkin, with wheels attached to the axles. Other than that, you are free to express your creative flair in your pumpkin design and decorations.

RULE #3 - Pumpkins may NOT contain additional weights / concrete / rocks inside OR be attached onto any pre-fabricated chassis of any kind (skateboard, stroller, Tonka truck, Ford F150, Jet Ski, etc., etc...)

RULE #4 - No propellants of ANY KIND. NO MOTORS, ROCKET ENGINES, or PYROTECHNICS. Leave that to the Bands playing at the Carnival.

RULE #5 – The ONLY permitted propellant? Gravity. Oh, and no pushing or "helping" your Pumpkin Racer at the starting line with a last minute shove, hidden thumb flick, false start, remote control chassis, etc. etc. Our judges have been meticulously trained at the prestigious Indianapolis Pumpkin Racing Academy to look for that sort of thing.

RULE #6 - NO CHEATER PUMPKINS! Cheaters are Rat Finks (and often smell like rotting eggs) so please compete honorably, respecting the spirit of these rules. Any pumpkin blatantly violating the above rules runs the risk of being Pummeled to Pumpkin Pulp by our Race Officials. You Have Been Warned.

o AMMENDMENT TO RULE #6 – But what if you work your heart out making the coolest, most creative Pumpkin Derby Racer EVER only to discover you've inadvertently violated any of these rules?
While you are not qualified to compete in the Main Race heats, we are making allowances for EXHIBITION MATCHES to be run on the side. We want to make sure that EVERYONE'S PUMPKIN RUNS!

1.  Pumpkin Race Cars will race 4-6 at a time down the track and the Derby will be conducted in heats.
2.  There is no penalty for Pumpkin Race Cars bumping into one another.
3.  Pumpkin Race Cars will be released at the top of the track (No Pushing!) at the signal.
4.  The Race Officials will determine a winner – No arguing with Race Officials
5.  All CHEATER pumpkins will be destroyed by Race Official after a CHEATER RACE.

Pumpkin Racer Construction 101
• Start with a single pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo).
• You can hollow out your pumpkin just like a Jack-o-lantern, BUT do not cut or drill holes in your pumpkin TOO soon as it will rot! The closer to the Derby you start, the better.
• Select your wheel and axle type.
• Drill holes through the pumpkin to insert your axles. Properly align them as much as possible and ensure they are low enough on your pumpkin to allow adequate ground clearance for any bumps and dips once the wheels are on.

• Decorate at will! One of the best parts of the Pumpkin Derby is all the creativity on display, so go for it! The crowd favorites are often not the fastest ones but the most fun and creative ones. If you can't win, LOSE WITH STYLE!

• Attach the wheels and give it a test run to make sure they spin freely… and that it goes STRAIGHT when they do!

PURCHASE KITS: Wheel Kits sell for $25 and will be available starting after October 1st at More For Less located at 2169 E Tropicana Ave. at Tropicana just West of Eastern or call 702-795-0235 for more information.

Limited sets are available so hurry in to buy your kit! There is no fee to enter the race with purchased kit from More For Less and winners will take home prizes. If you miss this opportunity to purchase the hardware, no problem! Just decorate a pumpkin and add some wheels (try breaking down old toys) and there is a minimal registration fee on site to secure your racing spot. You can pre-register online here: http://ticketf.ly/2cxg9uM

-Be sure to carefully read the Official Rules to understand how to build a "legal" Pumpkin Race Car. There are only a few simple rules to follow, so let your imagination run wild.

-A bigger or heavier Pumpkin Race Car is not a faster Pumpkin Race Car Car. Rarely does the biggest win.

-The best way to build a fast RaceCar is to make sure the axles are parallel so it will roll straight down the track. Many racers are eliminated because their racer veers to the side before it crosses the finish line. Check to make sure they are parallel before every race.

-Make sure all of your wheels spin freely! Duh!?!  We recommend using at least 2.5″ wheels.  If your wheels are too small, your Race Car will not get very far.  The 2011 Grand Champion used large bucket lids. So don't be afraid to think outside the wheel.

-Be sure your Race Car has enough ground clearance! The race takes place on a track with bumps and dips. Be sure your Race Car is high enough to clear them.

-Have fun making your RaceCar! Pick a theme and be creative. Often, the crowd favorites are the most fun and
creative ones. If you can't win, then lose with style!

Where to get Parts
You probably have plenty of good parts around the house or out in your garage.  You can take wheels off bikes, strollers, lawn mowers etc. & even use a combination of wheel types.
Any good hardware store should be able to assist you with axles & hardware and even give you some tips.
We have secured a local vendor that will have wheel kits available in advance at More For Less Tools located at 2169 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119 or they will have a booth on site at the event offering wheel kits for sale the public.

Pumpkin Racer Building Tutorials
The following tutorial is strictly for instructional purposes

Video Tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCXvmDlQQG8


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