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Hiking the Desert? Look, But Don't Touch...and Don't Litter!

​       Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer. For hikers and campers of all skill levels, it's a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Representatives from Clark County's Desert Conservation Program remind all those heading for the mountains and deserts in the region to respect nature and its inhabitants.

       "We want people to come out and enjoy the scenery, the plant life and the wildlife," said DCP Senior Biologist Scott Cambrin. "All we ask of people is to follow a few basic rules and respect the land and the animals."

       Those rules include:

  • "Pack it in, pack it out." Whatever you take onto a public land, it comes back with you.
  • "Leave no trace." Stay on the roads and hiking trails and no littering.
  • Use off-highway vehicle (OHV) equipment in designated areas only.
  • Do not remove, "pick" or disturb plant life and vegetation.
  • Do not remove, pick up, touch or disturb wildlife.

       "The only thing people should be taking is a picture to share on Instagram," said Cambrin.

       Also, DCP encourages everyone to follow CDC guidelines to protect from acquiring or spreading the COVID-19 virus:

  • If you are sick or feeling sick, please stay home.
  • Maintain six feet of social distance from others.
  • Take hand sanitizer and wash your hands when you get home.

       "Respecting our desert and all its inhabitants ensures everyone can appreciate it," Cambrin said. "In a sense, it belongs to all of us, so we all need to be responsible, be respectful and take care of our lands."

       About the Desert Conservation Program
       Established in 1990, the Clark County Desert Conservation Program manages Endangered Species Act compliance on behalf of the Permittees of the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP). Balancing species protection with streamlined development, the MSHCP describes the types of species conservation actions that the Permittees carry out to offset impacts of development within Clark County. The Desert Conservation Program carries out these conservation actions on behalf of the MSHCP Permittees.

       About the Department of Environment and Sustainability

       The Department of Environment and Sustainability is the air pollution control agency, regional Endangered Species Act compliance program, and sustainability office for all of Clark County, Nevada. Established as the Department of Air Quality by the Clark County Commission in 2001, it was renamed in 2020 and is comprised of three divisions: Air Quality, Desert Conservation Program and Office of Sustainability. Through the work of these three divisions, DES is ensuring the air we share meets healthful, regulatory standards, administering the County's Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan and addressing climate change.


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