The Office of the County Surveyor performs land surveys, as well as calculates and reviews surveying computations for County projects and consultants' plans.  Reviews and prepares legal descriptions, record drawings, plats, maps, mining claims, and other official documents in public records.  Also, maintains the County map of mining claims as well as the County’s system of surveying.  

Recorded documents may be researched online through the Clark County Recorder's Office Records Search

Quarterly Map Index

Map Team
The Map Team reviews and approves all minor and major subdivision maps, certificate of amendments, separate documents (i.e. dedications and/or easements) legal descriptions and other land surveying and planning related maps, documents and exhibits as well as processes vacation and abandonment's for recordation.  The Map Team ensures all land use requirements have been satisfied as well as technical correctness of the map.  

Mapping Team procedures, checklists, and interactive forms are listed under Forms. 

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