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Collection and Allocation of Real Property Transfer Tax
The county recorder is responsible for collecting Real Property Transfer Tax. The amount of the tax must be computed on the basis of the value of the transferred real property as declared pursuant to NRS 375.060. The county recorder shall collect the tax in the manner provided in NRS 375.030, except that he/she shall transmit all the proceeds from the tax imposed as required by NRS 561.355. The allocation is determined by NRS 375.023 and 375.070.

Real Property Transfer Tax Allocation

RPTT Allocation Chart

History of Real Property Transfer Tax
The tax has been used many times in history and we get it from the English Common Law. In the United States (prior to 1968) IRS Stamps were purchased at the U.S. Post Office and were affixed to the deeds to be recorded. When recorded in the county where the property was located, the recording deputy wrote cancelled across the face of the stamp. The IRS would remit to the various states the amounts collected under a revenue sharing program. This was considered a very costly way of doing business and the U.S. Government eliminated the program by allowing the individual states the right to continue the program or not. Nevada is a state that elected to continue, through the Department of Taxation. (NRS 375.020, 023, 026)

What is Real Property Transfer Tax? It is a tax collected on the transfer of a “present interest” in real property. All such transfers of a present interest are taxable unless specifically exempt by statute. 

Real Property Transfer Tax Rates
Prior to 1968, the Federal Revenue Stamps were purchased at the U.S. Post Office.  The rate was 55 cents per $500 of taxable value ($1.10/$1,000)

Sample of a stamp from a Grant, Bargain, Sale Deed recorded October 10, 1967:

Historic Rates

Dates Rate (per $500 or portion thereof)
Prior to 7/01/1991 $0.55
7/01/1991 - 7/03/1991 $0.60
7/05/1991 - 7/31/1997 $0.65
8/01/1997 - 9/30/2003 $1.25
10/01/2003 to present $2.55


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