About Us

About Us

Jill Marano - Director

Lisa Martinez - Deputy Director  |  Pamela Kowalski - Deputy Director
 Wonswayla Mackey - Deputy Director

Clark County Department of Family Services (DFS) is the local public agency whose role is to help keep children safe. The agency was formed in July 2002 in response to the merger of state and county child welfare services.

Mission Statement
Protecting children from abuse and neglect by partnering with our community to build safe, nurturing and stable families, to support family preservation when possible, to provide permanent families for those children who cannot safely return home and to ensure the well-being of children in our care.

Operating Budget - Fiscal Year 2024
                                Total: $394,535,964
                                Federal Revenue: $68,518,447
                                State GF Grant: $66,583,025
                                Local: $128,074, 581
                                State Funds: $259,434,492

Average month for 2024:

  • 2,584 referrals are received by the Clark County Abuse & Neglect Hotline, resulting in 
  • 1,026 investigations being conducted by Child Protective Services

In 2024:

  • 1,066 children came through the Reception Center at Child Haven

On any given day in Clark County:

  • There are approximately 2,531 children in care and are living outside their homes.

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