About Us

It’s amazing what a life-changing moment it is for you and a child when you choose to open your heart to a young person in need of a temporary home!  There are approximately 3000 children in Clark County foster care, from toddlers to teenagers.  

Foster parenting is about believing and investing in the future of children and their biological families. Our foster and adoptive program is designed to provide temporary care of children who are unable to reside with their biological families. Children in foster care need strong and supportive caretakers who are willing to work with their biological families and the Department of Family Services to reunify them with their families.  

Are you willing, able and ready to selflessly step up to the plate and reward yourself in a program of tremendous benefit to the community?  Call (702) 455-0181 and we will mail you an information brochure that provides an overview of the foster care program. Or, feel free to view our online foster care inquiry booklet.

Thank you for your interest.