How can I file a complaint about noise, unlicensed Airbnb rentals, potholes, etc.?
FixIt Clark County is the reporting system for Clark County citizens who need to submit a concern or request. The system is monitored by our Public Works, Code Enforcement and Business License departments and also is the most responsive method for sharing concerns with the offices of the Board of Clark County Commissioners. Visit this page to get started.
Where can I access marriage records?
Records and Statistics
How can I contact Animal Control?
Animal Control
Where can I pay my taxes?
To pay Personal Property Taxes, visit the Assessor's Office website.
To pay Real Property Taxes, visit the Treasurer's Office website.
Where can I access family services, such as SafeKey, Parks & Recreation, community events, etc.?
Where can I find information on upcoming elections, or request sample/absentee ballots?
Visit the County's Election Department pages to register to vote, review your voting record or find information about your elected officials.
How can I see if someone is booked in the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC)?
Inmate Search
Where can I access divorce records?
Divorce records are maintained by the Eighth Judicial District Court Family Court Division.