FixIt Clark County

FixIt Clark County

FixIt Clark County is used by Public Works, Code Enforcement, Business License, and the Commissioners’ offices to communicate with and take requests from the public.

How to enter a request
  • Location for request: Enter an address or locate using the map, click the new request button, click confirm location
  • Request Category/details: Select a request category from the list, please provide photos, description, answer any questions.
  • Submit request and login: preferred submittal method is “submit as yourself”, click submit, login to your account or sign-up for an account. Your request # will show at the top.
Outside of service area error
  • Determine jurisdiction: click here for the FixIt Clark County Jurisdiction App, enter an address, or locate using the map.
  • Jurisdiction for your request: The jurisdiction will be shown along with a link for the correct entity for the best response to your request.

Top Categories

Download the FixIt Clark County App to Report Problems

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