Meet Janneth Dominguez

Meet Janneth Dominguez

TPOP Community Navigator: Janneth Dominguez

Student: Zara
School: Cheyenne HS
Referral Date: 10/8/2020
Case Closed: 5/19/2021
Days in TPOP Program: 223

Zara was referred to TPOP towards the end of the first quarter; her absences consisted of 82 missed class periods. After conducting the first TPOP home visit we learned that the family was having Wi-Fi connectivity issues which were quickly resolved. As Zara became more comfortable with TPOP’s involvement, she began to explain that she didn’t have a chance to choose her electives and that one of the reasons why she was missing one of her classes was due to the lack of interest. Fortunately, her counselor was able to change Zara’s schedule and was able to place her in contact with all her teachers for extra guidance. The 2nd quarter was still a work in progress that consisted of follow-up text messages and home visits; Zara finished that quarter with 31 missed class periods. The complete turn-around wasn’t truly seen until the 3rd quarter when Zara not only closed out her quarter with 6 missed class periods but also improved her grades from D’s/F’s to the A/B/C range.

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