Meet Mary Munoz and Brandi Woodruff

Meet Mary Munoz and Brandi Woodruff

Student: Natasha
School: Las Vegas Academy of Arts HS
Referral Date: 10/29/2020
Case Closed: 4/24/2021
Days in TPOP Program: 240

Natasha was referred to TPOP with approximately 10   absences in the first quarter. Natasha’s mother was hard to stay connected with but with persistent efforts made by Navigator Munoz and Woodruff, Natasha’s mother agreed that there was a problem with Natasha missing so much school and was appreciative of TPOP’s efforts to assist the family. TPOP navigators maintained consistent contact with the family and continued to offer services and support. Ultimately the family decided that Natasha might do better at her Aunts in California and was sent there with great success.  Not only did Natasha’s attendance improve in the second quarter to only missing 3 days but in the third and fourth quarters she did not miss a single class and her grades improved from failing to A’s and B’s Natasha’s mother was very proud of Natasha’s improvement and TPOP is proud of the entire family for making this happen and by understanding Natasha’s need for help.

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  • Student: Jocelyn
  • School: Cortney MS
  • Referral Date: 11/24/2020
  • Case Closed: 4/9/2021
  • Days in TPOP Program: 137

Jocelyn was referred to TPOP on 11/24/20 with 34 absences. Jocelyn’s mother stated that he was struggling with distance learning and had zero motivation. TPOP Community Navigator Mary Recommended Jocelyn to the Earn and Learn program to help motivate his attendance through incentives. Jocelyn and her mother were very interested in Earn and Learn and Navigator Munoz helped with the registration. Mary maintained contact with family and assisted with the set up of Parent Portal on Jocelyn’s mother infinite campus account. Mom was able to check Jocelyn attendance at the end of each week and stayed on top of Jocelyn’s attendance. She liked the daily notifications when assignments were not turned in or if he was marked absent for a period for that day. Jocelyn went from missing 34 days in the 1st quarter down to only 11 days in the 2nd Quarter. Jackie made huge improvements in the 3rd and 4th quarter with PERFECT ATTENDANCE!!!!!!! Jocelyn is actively enrolled in Earn and Learn and will be working part-time through the Summer Break with the help of his career coach at Help of Southern Nevada.


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