Temporary Liquor Licenses for Restaurants

Temporary Liquor Licenses for Restaurants Providing Curbside Service by Jurisdiction


Clark County
The Clark County Department of Business License allows restaurants with a bar, operating under a supper club license, to sell beer and wine to go (curbside pickup) as long as the order includes food.

Businesses need to apply for a temporary package beer, wine, and spirit based products liquor license to be approved as soon as practicable. The alcohol they are allowed to sell includes beer, wine and spirits such as wine coolers or ciders (spirits less than 17% alcohol vol. or 34 proof) in original, unopened containers.

Businesses may not sell hard alcohol (rum, vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, etc.) or mixed drinks, and delivery of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Transactions must not involve a third-party vendor such as Uber Eats, Door Dash, Postmates etc. At this time, the temporary licenses will last through April 30.

Applications (written requests) may be submitted via email to James M. Headen, Assistant Manager at JamesH@clarkcountynv.gov. Applications (written requests) may be submitted via standard mail service, FedEx or email to James M. Headen, Acting Manager at JamesH@clarkcountynv.gov.  Please include the application fee of $175 payable to the Department of Business License.  Payments may be made online via under your current liquor license account.  License approvals will be sent via email to the licensee.

Due to limited staffing, we are processing the requests as soon practicable.  You will be notified when your license is updated and should be able to pay the fees under the misc. fees tab online.  Please continue to monitor your emails. 

City of Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is launching a plan that would allow restaurants providing curbside meals to also sell alcohol with those meals. The city will issue an "Alcohol Time-Limited Permit" for 30 days, renewable based on the duration of the coronavirus situation, which will allow a business with an existing alcohol license (beer/wine, tavern, tavern-limited, etc.) and a food service license to do curbside pickup of alcohol with a meal.

These commercial locations will only be able to sell the types of alcohol that they are currently licensed for. For example, a beer/wine licensee may only offer beer and wine with their take-out meals, and alcohol must be in the manufacturer's sealed container. The city will waive the daily fee and only charge the processing fee of $100 per permit.

A city of Las Vegas business can apply for the permit through its online business license account. Questions can be emailed to license@lasvegasnevada.gov. Permits will be processed in one to two business days. 

The city has heard from business owners that this plan would be especially helpful as their operations are being impacted due to closures relating to the coronavirus.


The City of Henderson will temporarily allow curbside alcohol service for certain business license classifications.

As of 5 p.m. on March 26 until the declared end of the closure of non-essential businesses or for the next 30 days, whichever occurs first, any establishment holding a restaurant with bar, tavern, beer/wine on-sale, full-liquor on-sale or brewery license may serve beer/wine/spirits/liquor in conjunction with meals being picked up curbside at the establishment.

There are no fees for the time limited liquor permit. Establishments choosing to serve alcoholic beverages with a take-out meal must email the City of Henderson Business Operations Division at FILicensedivision@cityofhenderson.com. The email must include the business name and address, current City of Henderson business license number and the contact phone number for the owner or key employee.

Cannabis retail stores and medical dispensaries that were required to shut down public store fronts due to the Declaration of Emergency, Directive 3 issued by Governor Sisolak are permitted to continue cannabis sales by direct delivery to the customer until further notice.

Visit cityofhenderson.com/COVID19 for further information on the time limited liquor permit for curbside pickup and cannabis delivery regulations.