County, Local, State and National News Updates Related to COVID-19

Effective July 21, 2021 through Aug. 17, 2021, the Board of Clark County Commissioners has adopted a masks mandate for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in Clark County when indoors and when in closely confining work spaces. Read the full amendment

Our Public Communications team is working daily to track and bring you informational updates needed to help you stay safe and aware of developments as we progress during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Included below are COVID-19 news releases and videos.
Media inquiries can be directed to Erik Pappa, director of Clark County Public Communications, or you may call the office at (702) 455-3546 to speak with someone.
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Spanish Language Videos7 documents

  • Ayuntamiento Virtual: Conoce Acerca de Asistencia de Alquiler y Desalojo Moratorio
    document _recordid 7801
  • Omar Daz habla sobre cmo se siente luego de recibir la Vacuna COVID-19.
    document _recordid 7800
  • Jess Lpez, Omay y Dubalin Voces de la Radio te Invitan a Vacunarte
    document _recordid 7799
  • Ayuntamiento Virtual sobre la prohibicin de desalojo, asistencia legal y asistencia de alquiler
    document _recordid 7798
  • Ms de 1 milln reciben la vacuna COVID-19
    document _recordid 7797
  • Cudese y pemanezca abierto con estos consejos de seguridad contra el COVID-19
    document _recordid 6792
    A medida que Las Vegas va en camino a la recuperacin del COVID-19, an necesitamos trabajar juntos para combatir el virus. Al no haber vacuna, el COVID-19 sigue siendo una amenaza para la salud pblica.
  • Se lanz la campaa 'Esta en tus manos' para abordar el aumento de los casos de COVID-19
    document _recordid 6786
    Con un rpido aumento en el nmero de casos de COVID-19 que ocurren en la comunidad hispana, los lderes del Condado de Clark, expertos de salud y socios anunciaron un nuevo esfuerzo de alcance para aumentar la comprensin entre los residentes hispanos de todas las edades sobre la necesidad de usar protectores para la cara en lugares pblicos, visitar sitios de prueba gratuitos y donde encontrar recursos para ayudar a protegerse y proteger a sus familias contra el virus.

Recent COVID-19 News VideosNo documents

COVID-19 News Videos22 documents

  • Clark County Reopens Facilities with Health, Safety Measures in Place
    document _recordid 6791
    The Clark County Government Center and other County facilities began to reopen to the public Monday, June 1 with comprehensive enhanced health and safety measures in place.
  • Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Eighth Judicial District Court
    document _recordid 6790
    Eighth Judicial District Court Chief Judge Linda Marie Bell discusses the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the operations of the Las Vegas-based court.
  • Prioritize Your Personal Health & Visit Your Medical Providers
    document _recordid 6789
    Local doctors encourage residents to return to their routine doctors for health visits.
  • Spanish Language Outreach Effort Launched to Address Surge of COVID-19 Cases in Hispanic Community
    document _recordid 6788
    With a rapid increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Clark County occurring in the Hispanic community, County leaders, health experts and partners announced a sweeping new outreach effort to boost understanding among Hispanic residents
  • Clark County Offers 3 Small Business Grants for Those Affected by COVID-19
    document _recordid 6782
    Clark County has offered three types of grants for local businesses affected by coronavirus-related closures and restrictions.
  • County, Health District Officials Provide COVID-19 Update
    document _recordid 6781
    Clark County Commission Chairman Marilyn Kirkpatrick, District Health Officer Dr. Fermin Leguen of the Southern Nevada Health District, and University Medical Center CEO Mason VanHouweling  provide a pandemic update on July 7, 2020
  • Many County Offices to Be Open Four Days a Week Starting July 25, 2020
    document _recordid 6780
    As a result of reduced revenues, Clark County is reducing employee work hours from 40 hours to 38 per week and cutting employee pay 5 percent, effective July 25, 2020.
  • Tips for Working Out at the Gym During a Pandemic
    document _recordid 6779
    Staying active is one of the best ways to keep your minds and bodies healthy during the pandemic. Here are ways to do it smartly.
  • Contract Tracing Being Increased in Southern Nevada
    document _recordid 6778
    Clark County and Southern Nevada Health District officials recently updated the public on plans to increase contact tracing of COIVD-19 cases.
  • Clark County Fire Chief & Emergency Manager John Steinbeck Discusses Pandemic
    document _recordid 6777
    Clark County Fire Chief and Emergency Manager John Steinbeck recently sat down with Clark County Television to discuss current issues including the coronavirus pandemic.
  • UMC Lab Can Test 10,000 Per Day & Will Grow
    document _recordid 6776
    The lab is an important part of the fight in Nevada against COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 Testing offered at Cashman Center
    document _recordid 6775
    Valley residents may get tested at Cashman Center.
  • UNLV Thomas & Mac Serves as COVID-19 Testing Location
    document _recordid 6774
    Once drive-thru, COVID-19 testing at UNLV is now indoor. Testing moved inside the Thomas & Mac to the Strip View Pavilion
  • Pandemic Response Update Provided by Clark County Commission Chairman, Fire Chief
    document _recordid 6773
    Clark County Commission Chairman Marilyn Kirkpatrick and Clark County Fire Chief John Steinbeck provided an update to the Las Vegas City Council
  • Greater Las Vegas Responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic
    document _recordid 6772
    An overview of the economic impact on Clark County resulting from the pandemic.
  • Clark County Regional Protocols for Bars, Restaurants & Food Establishments with Bars, Pubs, Etc.
    document _recordid 6771
    Here are Clark County's regional protocols for bars, restaurants and food establishments with bars, pubs, taverns, distilleries, breweries and wineries.
  • Clark County TNC (Rideshare) or Delivery Driver Business License Application Online Tutorial
    document _recordid 6770
    How do I apply for a Clark County TNC (Rideshare) or delivery driver business license? View this video to find out! For more information, please visit
  • 29-bed SNHD Non-Congregate Care Facility Opened for COVID-19 Patients
    document _recordid 6769
    The Southern Nevada Health District opened its 29-bed non-congregate shelter for clients with COVID-19 who need a safe place to isolate but who don't require hospitalization.
  • Clark County Assisting Businesses Affected by COVID-19
    document _recordid 6768
    Clark County has been assisting local businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • UWSN Cares Childcare Assistance Program Announced
    document _recordid 6767
    Clark County and the United Way of Southern Nevada announced the launch of a UWSN Cares Childcare Assistance program thanks to a $1.7 million grant in CARES Act funding from Clark County.
  • Virtual Town Hall to Discuss Pandemic-related Housing Issues
    document _recordid 6766
    Clark County Commission Vice Chairman Lawrence Weekly hosted a virtual town hall to discuss pandemic-related housing issues with Nevada Legal Services, the Housing Assistance Corporation and County staff.
  • Ask the Medical Experts About COVID-19
    document _recordid 6763
    The experts at University Medical Center (UMC) tell us what we need to know about COVID-19.