Data Files

Data Files

Information from the Clark County Assessor's Office computerized records is available for purchase in the following formats: secured tax roll; unsecured tax roll; residential extraction and commercial extraction. The files are updated each weekend and are a complete replacement extraction of each file.  Click below for more detailed information regarding the data items available and view the Assessor Fee Schedule for details on prices.   

Secured Tax Roll (AOEXTRACT) - File contains information about real property parcels, such as parcel ownership and mailing address, property location, land use and valuation.

Unsecured Tax Roll - File contains data about unsecured property with ownership and valuation information about property such as business equipment and fixtures, manufactured homes and aircraft.  

Residential Extraction (AORES) - File contains the features of residential structures on a parcel, such as square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplaces and stories, and the roofing type.  

Commercial Extraction - File contains the features of commercial structures on a parcel, such as square footage, number of stories, occupancy types and exterior wall type.

Real Property Sales (AOSales) - The AOSales file is a list of real property transactions dating back to approximately 1994.

Title Transaction History (AOHistory) - File contain a list title changes on all parcels within Clark County.

Extended Ownership (AOEtal) -  The AOEtal file contains the ownership records for parcels with three or more lines of ownership.

AO_XY_Sample - The Clark County AO_XY file contains the location zip code and the XY coordinates of every parcel in the county.

Customers interested in obtaining this information will need to submit a signed letter requesting one time access during a calendar month or an ongoing subscription to access the Clark County Assessor Data Site. 

Letters requesting a subscription to access the Clark County Assessor Data Site should contain certain information about the company.  

Requested information needed in letter or complete the data request form

NOTICE:  Please read the following conditions related to the use of this data:  Data Notice

For more information regarding the purchase of this information, please call our Customer Service Division at (702) 455-3882. For more detailed information regarding the data items available, including sample data files, please click on one of the above links.

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