Code Enforcement                Public Response Office


COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19, Clark County Public Response Office will temporarily be adjusting our operation.

Due to limited space and for the protection of everyone, we are only allowing one customer in our office at a time and ask that you wear a mask while inside the building. 

If another customer is already inside standing at the counter, please call (702) 455-8178. 

 You will be placed on a waiting list and we will call you when it is your turn.  We appreciate your understanding as we do our best to serve you and keep everyone safe. You may wait in your car until we call you.

     If you have any questions, please contact our administrative office at 702-455-4191.

     Clark County is committed to public safety and will continue to monitor the situation.  

The Mission of Clark County Code Enforcement is to promote the preservation, safety and beautification of neighborhoods in Clark County through education, service, and enforcement. Our office is committed to resolving neighborhood issues in an efficient and effective manner. We offer a centralized service to receive citizen complaints, requests to inquiries related to zoning, building, solid waste, sign enforcement, graffiti and other issues regarding the enforcement of Clark County Codes. Please click on the links below to report a code violation.