Advisory Council (CAC) Application

Advisory Council (CAC) Application

Town Advisory Boards (TABs) and Citizens Advisory Councils (CACs) were created to assist the County Commission in an advisory capacity with the decision-making process in supplying public services to the unincorporated areas of Clark County. There are five (5) TABs that are elected and eight (8) that are appointed by the County Commission. There are also six (6) CACs that are appointed by the County Commission.

Each TAB or CAC consists of area residents and serve as formal direct channels to the County Commission allowing for greater input into the future of their towns. These members serve without compensation for two-year (2-year) terms and have the responsibility of assisting the County Commission, in an advisory capacity, in the governance of the unincorporated town by acting as a conduit between the residents and the County Commission. 

TABs and CACs hold regular, public meetings throughout the year. At these meetings, members of the TABs and CACs are informed of matters pertaining to their respective town or area, provide input regarding various matters, forward the concerns or problems to the County Commission, assist in long-term planning, and disseminate information to the residents of the town or area. All meetings are subject to the Nevada Open Meeting Law (NRS Chapter 241). 

If you have questions about the TAB/CAC Application, contact the Town & Liaison Services team.

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