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For applications requiring an appointment, an Application Pre-review (APR) record is first required to be created in Accela Citizen Access (ACA).  This record is used to capture basic details such as contact information, parcel numbers, and application type and will be used for reporting purposes.  If you have not yet created an APR record, please log in to ACA and create the record.

During your appointment, staff will only discuss the record number tied to your appointment.  When scheduling your appointment, schedule based on the “Level” of project proposed.  Levels are as follows:

Level 1 applications (1.5-hour appointment duration)                                                                                                                            
Address/Street Name Change
Vacation and Abandonment (only)
Minor Deviation
Nonresidential Use (new uses and façade changes only with no other site modifications)
Residential – Development/or Subdivision (1- 4 lots)
Residential - Single Family Residence and/or accessory structure
Residential - Single Family Residence w/ Code Enforcement Case
Tentative Map – nonresidential only
Zoning Compliance

Level 2 applications (1.5-hour appointment duration)
Level 1 applications, and any of the below
Nonresidential Development/Use (with new construction or site modifications)
Resort Hotel (modifications to existing)
Residential – Development and/or Subdivision (5 - 20 lots)
Residential - Multi-family Development (modifications to approved or existing)
Signs (for Resort Hotel signs, go to Level 3 applications)

Level 3 applications (2-hour appointment duration)
Level 1 and 2 applications, and any of the below
Certified Affordable Housing Project
Master Plan Amendment
High Impact Project
Mixed-Use Development
Resort Hotel (new)
Residential – Development and/or Subdivision (21 lots or more)
Residential - Multi-family Development (new)
Residential – Planned Unit Development
Signs for Resort Hotels