Book Appointments

Book Appointments

Step 1: Set up an Accela Citizen Access (ACA) account through the online ACA portal.

Step 2:  Create an Application Pre-review through the Citizen Access Portal. Click here for more information.

Step 3: Determine the appointment level needed.

LEVEL 1 APPLICATIONS (1.5-hour appointment duration)
Address/Street Name Change
Vacation and Abandonment (only)
Minor Deviation
Nonresidential Use (new uses and façade changes only with no other site modifications)
Residential – Development/or Subdivision (1- 4 lots)
Residential - Single Family Residence and/or accessory structure
Residential - Single Family Residence w/ Code Enforcement Case
Tentative Map – nonresidential only
Zoning Compliance

LEVEL 2 APPLICATIONS (1.5-hour appointment duration)
Level 1 applications, and any of the below
Nonresidential Development/Use (with new construction or site modifications)
Resort Hotel (modifications to existing)
Residential – Development and/or Subdivision (5 - 20 lots)
Residential - Multi-family Development (modifications to approved or existing)
Signs (for Resort Hotel signs, go to Level 3 applications)

LEVEL 3 APPLICATIONS (2-hour appointment duration)
Level 1 and 2 applications, and any of the below
Certified Affordable Housing Project
High Impact Project
Mixed-Use Development
Resort Hotel (new)
Residential – Development and/or Subdivision (21 lots or more)
Residential - Multi-family Development (new)
Residential – Planned Unit Development
Signs for Resort Hotels

LEVEL 4 ADVANCED PLANNING APPLICATIONS (1.5-hour appointment duration) – No other land use application associated with the request.
Master Plan Amendment (Land Use Designations, Transportation or Trails)
Zone Change (No Plans)

Step 4 Schedule Planner Appointment

Step 5: Go to Forms page for submittal requirements, application forms, checklists, and sample site plans. Please have 1 set of all required materials at your appointment. If you have submittal questions, please call 702-455-4314 option 2, option 1.

*Email submittal package to for Public Works review.

Comprehensive Planning submittals for a Tentative Map (TM) and/or Vacation and Abandonment (VS) will require an Application Pre-Review (APR) submittal. These submittals will require an approval from the Map Team before final acceptance by Comprehensive Planning can occur. Map Team will respond with either comments/corrections to submittal documents or an approval for the APR to proceed with Comprehensive Planning. APR e-mails are processed in the order they are received.

Send email to to request a response for an APR. The following information is required in the email:

  • Subject line: APR Number - TM, VS, or TM & VS (Example: APR-XX-10XXXX - TM; APR-XX-10XXXX - VS; APR-XX-10XXXX - TM & VS)
  • Complete Comprehensive Planning TM and/or VS Application
  • TM Plan and/or VS site plan
  • Justification Letter (if required with application)
  • Vacation Legal Description (if submitting a VS Application)
  • Documentation of how the easement(s) or right(s)-of-way being vacated were created (if submitting a VS Application
NOTE: All required documents listed above must be attached as a separate PDF for each document.

Step 6: Meet with planner to have your documents reviewed. The planner will let you know the next step based on your readiness to submit.

Step 7A: If corrections are requested, correct the necessary documents then repeat steps 3–6 until the package is ready to submit.

Step 7B: If no corrections are needed you will be given authorization to submit your documents online via the Citizen Access Portal.

Step 8: Upload documents via Citizen Access Portal.

Step 9: Planner will review uploaded documents and inform the customer to bring in the hard copies.

Step 10: After the hard copies are received, the planner will create the application, and apply fees. The application is considered officially submitted once the fees are paid. Planner will provide the meeting dates and location.

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