Clark County has been planning and constructing trails for over 15 years to increase recreational opportunities, improve public health and contribute to the social wellbeing of our community. Trails physically connect people with their community (to parks, schools, shopping, natural areas, and employment centers) but more importantly trails are used by people to satisfy social, physical and environmental needs.

So far the County has completed 74 miles of multi-use trails, 35 miles of equestrian trails, 10 pedestrian bridges and 15 trailheads/waysides. The Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act (SNPLMA) has been the main source of funding for trails 

Clark County is working closely with several local jurisdictions and Regional and Federal agencies to coordinate the planning and building of an extensive network of trails. The County trails are part of the Neon to Nature Regional system of trails in and around the Las Vegas Valley.

Trails connect people and communities by providing connections to parks, schools, activities, shopping, natural areas, federal lands and employment centers. Trails also help improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion when used as an alternate transportation choice.

The main goal of the trails program is to plan and build safe, easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing off-street trails to improve the quality of life throughout the County. More than a million people have access to these trails and the open space to which they grant access.
Trail facilities are developed primarily with funds provided by the Southern Nevada Public Lands.

Management Act and the County’s General Fund. Upkeep and maintenance for completed trails is currently funded solely by the County’s General Fund. The County is investigating other opportunities for citizens and organizations to become involved.

Regional Trails and Open Space
Through the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition, Clark County works with a variety of agencies to coordinate the planning and building of an extensive network of trails in and around the Las Vegas Valley.

The Neon to Nature system is aimed at increasing people’s access to the regional trail system taking shape around them. It will ultimately consist of hundreds of miles of trails throughout the Las Vegas Valley with connections to the surrounding Federal lands. The Southern Nevada Health District hosts a trail finder tool under the Neon to Nature banner. Click on Neon to Nature to use the interactive map to locate trails and access trail information including length, location, maps, amenities and levels of difficulty.

Trails and Parks
A few County trails provide connections to several parks with two of the largest being Sunset Park and the County Wetlands Park. Parks and trails provide opportunities for physical activity and have the potential to help Clark County residents develop a healthier active lifestyle.

County Parks are critical resources for residents because they provide a place for people to experience nature, engage in physical activity and relax. A growing body of evidence points to the role that parks play in shaping healthy active lifestyles in segments of the population such as children, seniors, various racial and ethnic groups, and lower-income families.

Click Parks and Recreation for information about County park and recreations services. To locate specific parks click on the Parks Locator Tool for information including locations, features, photos and directions to the parks. 


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