About Us

About Us

Nevada constables are civil enforcement officers. The Laughlin Constable’s Office serves all justice courts, and both the state and federal district courts, throughout all of Clark County providing the following Civil Process services: 

  • Letters of demand
  • Summons and complaints,
  • Legal petitions,
  • Civil subpoenas,
  • Public notices,
  • Eviction notices, and
  • Any other process in civil cases.

Our office enforces court orders including wage and bank garnishments, writs of execution, attachment and possession, orders in aid of execution, eviction orders, civil bench warrants, cash keepers, till taps and other property seizures, as well as conduct public auctions of both real and personal property.

On rare occasions, we make arrest. In such instances, prisoners are remanded into the custody of the county sheriff. Our jurisdiction, with certain specific exceptions, extends to all Nevada counties.

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