Law Clerk Positions

Law Clerk Positions


The Office of the Clark County District Attorney employs Law Clerks in the Criminal, Civil, and Juvenile Divisions.  Law Clerk is a one-year term position. 

Most Deputy District Attorneys in the Criminal Division started their careers as Law Clerks.  Law Clerks for the Criminal Division are full-time employees assigned to Criminal Appeals Unit and are responsible for drafting responses to appellate briefs and oppositions to post-conviction writs of habeas corpus and various other post-conviction motions. Candidates generally apply a year in advance. Law Clerk terms typically start in the Fall each year. Thus, students in their third year of law school are highly encouraged to apply.  

Most Law Clerks in the Criminal Division apply for Deputy District Attorney positions during their year term.  Although the Law Clerk positions are for a one-year term, a Law Clerk may be offered a position as a Deputy District Attorney during that year, depending on vacancies.

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